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PixEm: Pixel to Em Converter

This article serves as a download page for the tool PixEm.

PixEmThrough this post I want to publish my simple tool which I use when creating websites in the “em”-measurement. An older version of this program was called ”Pixel 2 em calculator” and was published on my personal blog. I never programmed a desktop application before, but it does the job and I used it for about a year now.

Download PixEm

If you want to read more about using about using em instead of pixels, I recommend the following articles:

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  1. n0nick

    Very nice idea, will be better as a webapp and not a windows program.
    (Can’t use it on my Linux dev environment)

  2. yokko

    For the really disabled who cannot figure out 14/12. :)

  3. admin

    @n0nick: I created the program because I didn’t want to use webapps and don’t know how to create the program in languages like C. I think you can run ASP.NET programs on Linux with Mono, but I don’t have Linux, so I can’t say that it would work for sure. If you would like to use webapps, you could check out these websites:

  4. Evan Byrne

    Question: what are the advantages of using em over px? Don’t say so that the user can zoom text, because all modern browsers can zoom text set with px. ;-)

  5. admin

    Some websites offer ways to enlarge the font size through links. All websites for governments have to have such links. If you have built your website in pixels you have to create an alternate stylesheet with alternate font sizes, line height and possibly box sizes.
    If you build a website in “em” you can offer the user larger font by just setting the base font size of the body.of the page.

  6. Jai

    You might find this useful as well.
    This provides an online pixels to em converter and you can also do a complete CSS file conversion.

  7. Coder Man

    Hi admin, nice tool!
    Why you don’t make a open source?


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